The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action.

One of my favorite free online tools for editing photos is It’s fast, powerful and intuitive! I crop images constantly for use in blog posts, my website, Facebook & more and use this site almost daily. Picnik allows me to upload the graphic, make the necessary changes like crop, re-size, recolor etc and within minutes I’m able to save to my desktop and be back on my way! Another neat feature is that it’s integrated with Mail Chimp. If you’re using Mail Chimp now for your direct email campaigns you may have seen the option to edit your uploaded photos in Picnik! This feature is fantastic and helps to move the design process at a faster speed when designing your campaign art layout. Back to Picnik, the best part is that most basic editing features are absolutely FREE with no limit on uploads. If you add embellishments like frames, themed stickers and more you can use the basic feature but you’ll have to unlock Picnik Premium for $24.95/year which offers the more advanced options.

With Picnik You Can:

  • Fix your photos in just one click
  • Use advanced controls to fine-tune your results
  • Crop, resize, and rotate in real-time
  • Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • Astoundingly fast, right in your browser
  • Awesome fonts and top-quality type tool
  • Basketfuls of shapes from hand-picked designers
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • No download required, nothing to install

Have you used Picnik? Share your comments on this tool or other relavant tools that you’ve found useful for photo editing.

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We’re looking for a team-oriented, energetic, outgoing, reliable and motivated person to help promote our brand during in-store demos & on-site events. The successful candidate will be very active and have a positive, can-do attitude. You must be able to work well on your own and as a part of a team. This is a really fun opportunity! You must have availability to work weekends as well as weekdays. Interest in fitness, health & organic foods is a plus. Lastly you must have reliable transportation.

As a Brand Ambassador you will help our team:

* Distribute product samples
* Provide excellent customer service
* Answer questions about products and brands
* Run in-store demos

Our Summer events will take place at health fitness and family oriented events.

If you believe you are a good fit Please Click Here to Complete Our Online Application Form

Thank you!

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Google +

by marquesaversola

When reading through my RSS feeds this morning I came upon a video for a new product that Google is launching to grab their piece of social mindshare. They are calling it Google +. On first glance it appears to be a social network that incorporates group chat, live video conferencing, the ability to group your contacts into “circles”. This will allow users to better communicate with their social circles by creating groups of family & friends, co-workers, social groups etc. This is a feature that is lacking in Facebook at the moment. Google + went live as an invitation-only “field test” today. It looks pretty good so far, and I’m a BIG Google fan so of course I’ll be jumping in to try it as soon as possible!

Here’s a video that shows the basic platform that Google + will offer:


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Facebook Insights provides powerful data on the traffic that your page receives. You can create data specific graphs on your subscribers, see which posts get the most impressions and responses, and identify who your target customers are. This post will point out one great feature that you should be using before jumping into any advertising on Facebook. The steps below will help you to find the age demographic information in your Insights report.

First you will want to login to your Facebook Pages account and go to your Insights page by clicking the link in the navigation box on the right-hand side.
When the next page loads, click “Users” on the left-hand side of the screen.
Scroll down half-way until you see Demographics.

As you can see, the primary demographic for the site shown here is a viewership of 67% Female with a majority of the Women in the 25-34 age category. If you were to target an advertisement for this page you would most likely see the best ROI by creating a targeted ads for Women in the 18 – 34 category. Then create another age/gender appropriate ad for the Female 45+ viewers. Additionally, you might target Men age 18-34 in a third ad. You may have noticed that the third screen shot shows location data. When creating a Facebook Ad you can also target further by filtering users in a specific country, state, city or by preferred language.

Look for my next post which will include a video tutorial on how to create a Facebook Ad using data from your Insights report including how to target your primary demographic by using filtering.

Did you find this information useful? Would you like to learn more? Make sure to subscribe to the mkv creative RSS feed.

Thanks for reading! Please share my post on Facebook or Twitter and feel free to post your comments below!

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When you have multiple admins on your Facebook page it’s great to have them post as your organization as well as themselves. Here’s quick screencast tutorial on how to change the settings within Facebook so your admins can post on your page as themselves.

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I’m excited to share one of my newest projects! I’ve been working on designing a new blog for Singer Songwriter Jackie Daum. Her brand-spanking-new-blog is near completion and will launch mid-June. Before the revamp, Jackie had a traditional single page website that was nice looking but not working for her in regards of converting traffic. I built her site using WordPress framework and the Headway Theme. Her new site is a traditional blog with a custom home page and six additional static pages so it functions like a traditional website but can be easily updated when she releases new albums or projects without losing content. Here’s a sneak peek of her new site and all of the bells and whistles I added. It’s completely SEO optimized and has many social media components including Social Media buttons that link to her sites, an Email Opt-in Box, YouTube Video Player, Audio Player, Facebook Widget, GigPress Tour RSS Feed, Live Twitter Feed and Flickr Feed. I’ll post the site URL once we go live so you can test drive the site for yourself. For now enjoy the screen shot below.

Got a site that’s not converting? I can help you with design, setup and hosting. Let’s take a look at your project together and come up with a plan! Contact Me

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I’m working with Somersault Snack Company for the Summer season helping to get the word out about their scrumptious snack. My team and I have been hitting the trails around the Bay Area surprising people with a free sample to delight their tastebuds while telling them more about the product. We’ve also been at some great outdoor fitness events like the Presidio 10k, The Marin County Half Marathon, and the Run with Nature in Folsom. We are looking forward to more great events through out the Summer! Come out and see us and taste Somersaults for yourself!

Visit for more info



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You’ve spent plenty of time designing and implementing your Facebook Page. You’ve uploaded your logo, business info, and photo galleries. Now you’re ready to start posting, here are a three quick and easy tips that will have you using your Facebook Page like a Pro!

Be Human, Be Real – Posting about your products and services is important but if your posts are all one sided your fans may not respond. Having a unique voice when writing your posts and varying between wall updates, photos & videos will help to get your fans involved.










Get on Target – When sending out posts with promotions or local events you can target your post so that they are directed only to fans can use the promo or attend the event.






Track your posts performance - Analytics are important in all campaigns. Using Facebook Insights will show you how many impressions your posts gain and the percentage of interaction. You can print reports and filter data to see which of your posts are getting the best interaction to better focus your campaigns. This data will show you how well your message is being received over a time period. You will also start to see trends on when you viewers tend to interact and what type of messages they identify with.









If you’re ready to start your business Facebook Page but need a little guidance, I’m here to help. Please feel free to send me an email at marquesaversola {at}

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When creating your Facebook page you have the opportunity to add more than just your basic business information. You can really add to the usability of your site by taking advantage of the layout.

Use the full profile picture ratio of 200×600.

This will result in a long, narrow rectangle. Think of this space as a web banner. Fill it with useful information and make sure to add your website link. 

Use the gallery to display top products, promotions, services and more

This space can be used creatively to do more than just show off pictures. Make sure to add descriptions that contain links back to your products & services page.

I hope you liked these two tips and find a way to use them on your Facebook page. Please feel free to share this info or send me a comment on how you use the gallery section of your page.

All the best!

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3 Quick Twitter Tips

by marquesaversola

I have to admit I’m still relatively new to the Twitter game. I’ve had an account for over two years, but I’ve yet to bust through the 500 tweet milestone. Honestly, like most newbies, I didn’t really “get” Twitter nor see why microblogging in 140 characters would be vastly important to so many people and businesses. Seeing Twitter in action as changed my view completely. There are upwards of 200 million users on Twitter, creating conversations and relationships in real time. Think about how it’s been instrumental during times of crisis and how it’s been used to generate viral buzz. It would be a shame not to jump in to share your views, get connected and make new friends!

I’ve read many posts with tips on how to use Twitter and most are similar in their recommendations. After compiling some nifty information and pulling from my experience, I’ve created a quick list of Twitter Tips.

To lead you must FOLLOW

To gain followers on Twitter is a numbers game. You have to follow others to get more followers. I make a point to follow almost everyone who’s taken the time to follow me. When I get a follower notification I look at their profile to see how many people they are following and if it’s much higher than the number of followers they have I assume they are spammers. Make sure they have a avatar photo, and look at their tweets to get an idea of who they are. If they are not obnoxious, completely vulgur or seem to post an endless stream of product codes & links, then by all means… Follow! It’s a great way to expand your network and it helps to get you more followers in the future. Find people to follow by searching your industry or interests as a keyword. You can also look at who your friends are connected with and follow them as well.

Reply, Retweet and #Hashtag

If you want to be apart of a conversation, reply to tweets by using the @ symbol and username then adding your thoughts. RT or Retweet posts you find interesting, funny or useful. Join trends by using the hashtag # symbol. If you’re a business, try ending your tweets with a custom hashtag for your company name or event etc. For instance, when I tweet about my business I use #MKVC for MKV Creative . After I finish this blog post I’ll create a post that might say something like this: “New to Twitter? Here are a few quick tips to get you started #MKVC”. By using the # symbol before your keywords you’ll create a tag that becomes searchable and that can become a trend. Click a #hashtag in Twitter posts to see other tweets that have the same #hashtag.

Be Positive & Authentic

What you post on Twitter says a lot about your character, your persona and ultimately should reflect your brand core values. Make sure that you relate to others with sincerity and that your posts are positive. When you send a DM (direct message) make sure it’s to converse. Steer clear of saying “Thanks for the follow, check out my site…music..product..etc.” Blatant pitching of your business and products in every tweet is just bad form and will result in loosing followers.

These are basic tips to help you get started with your Twitter account. If you have some tips that you use please comment below, I’d love to hear what’s working for you.

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